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4 Reasons to choose

“Promote your path”

1.There isn’t anybody that travel the route for which you have worked so hard?

We give visibility and energy to your path 

2. Don’t the interest people in your route travel it because they don’t find information?

We create simple and accurate information accessible to all

3. Don’t all investment bring any result? 

A focused service is right for you

4. Don’t local entities enjoy the promised benefits?

We give visibility and voice to local entities too

“Promote your path”

is the solution

Our experience as a blogger, hikers and social marketer has taught us not only what people want, but also what they need.

Promoting a path means creating desire, waiting, inspiration, but also reliable and accurate answer and information, two fundamental aspects, always at the centre of our work.

What can we do!

 The first step to promote your path is showing, making people fall in love with what they are watching.


For this reason, we will travel the whole route, conveying our own feelings and sensations to our readers.

  • Professional and high resolution photo will frame not only the scenery and the path, but also the people that live in that places.
  • Short and prompt video will give dynamism and authenticity to the project.
  • We will publish one article a day on the Travel blog of, where we’ll tell our experience and we’ll give space and voice to local realities.
  • We will publish one article a day on social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  • During our stay on site, we’ll take contact with local office and tour operator, to create a social network and get more incisive and shared results.

✓ The second step, so the second part of the work, will take place in our offices at the end of the hike. This will be the most important and delicate work.


We’ll elaborate an exhaustive article with all the useful information to organize and travel the hike independently.

  • The article will be optimized SEO, so it will be easily found on search engine, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • The article will be written for the web, for the people that use the internet to find information.
  • The article will be written in a clear and simple manner, with accurate and details information, so that everyone can understand it.
  • The path will be marked out and we’ll make accessible the GPS track.
  • We’ll give importance to the agreement accommodations, where present.
  • We’ll know the path to all subscribers to our newsletter, and extending the visibility of the path.

Why trust us?

✓ Entrust the promotion of your path to us, that every day we write about travel on foot, it will give you much better results than a simple advertising agency.

Deborah Torreggiani

Editor & Co – Founder of Our mission is to include in a only web portal all the information about travel on foot, through our experience and work. I write clear and complete articles to help you find what you are looking.
chi siamo apiediperilmondo

Vincenzo Martone 

CEO & Founder of Our mission is to include in a only web portal all the information about travel on foot, through our experience and work. Our information will help you to organize your hike freely and independently.

  Because we consider the confidence and the professionalism serious values, that inspire our work every day.

  Because traveling on foot and writing about hiking is first our passion, then our work.

  Because we believe that set off the area, especially the local reality, is the only way to create sustainable and ethic opportunities.

  Because in a short time we have created a wide network of passionate walkers, which continues to grow every day.

  Because we want help the people to move freely and independently, providing date and reliable information.

  Because we are the only ones to offer such service. Designed by us, sponsored by us, wanted for you.

About us

Sono rientrata ieri dalla Val Brembana dopo aver percorso in tre giorni la via Priula da Morbegno a Mezzoldo.
Bellissima esperienza, molto utili le vostre informazioni, splendide giornate.
Volevo semplicemente farvi i miei complimenti per tutto ciò che sul vostro sito offrite; davvero fatto con criterio e professionalità!
L’articolo è completo ed il blog davvero bellissimo (è già entrato nei miei “preferiti”). Ti ringrazio per la disponibilità che sicuramente terrò in considerazione per qualsiasi dubbio che sicuramente mi sorgerà. Grazie!

Who guarantees me that it works?

Our experience taught us to understand the desires and the needs of every kind of person, from hiker who walks always, to the girl who is looking for the courage to do it. The strength of Apiediperilmondo is to meet the needs of all, giving to everyone exactly what he needs.

Now, internet and social network are a reality you can’t escape. Data released by updated in January 2017 tells that in Europe over the 80% of people use internet to search information.

It is therefore important to create contents easily found on search engines. For this reason we are very careful to the quality of our articles, really painstaking and written in SEO.

We average 2 smartphone each, with internet available anywhere at any time. Apiediperilmondo guarantees “responsive” contents, perfectly visible and accessible on any electronic device: computer, tablet and smartphone.

We are always available on any media, email, phone and social network, to guarantee the best attention to the user and to his demands.

Promote your path

Promote your path

Why do it now?

We are in a historical period of great change. The journey is no longer a luxury for the few, but a need for everyone, and people who choose to travel by walking increases every day.

Associations, local offices and travel operators are called to respond to this reality. You have finally the opportunity to create wealth not only on the big centre, but on the whole country, giving value and growth to small reality.

This is the right time to boost the economy of small reality, and to be promoters of a green and sustainable tourism.

We are in a world where people choose in a more ethical and responsible way where to travel and how to do it, and it’s responsible for everyone, even your own, you get ready.

The right time is now!

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